After an exciting morning of safari activities, find refuge from the warm midday sun in the Wellness Centre. Cool off in the spa pool and indulge in a luxurious treatment in the capable hands of our wellness team.

Start your day as the birds awaken, and the sun rises over the bush with calming rooftop yoga, or an active session in our state-of-the-art F45 gym.

Take in dreamy views while relaxing in a heated jacuzzi or relax here after a refreshing ice plunge to warm up.

Receive multiple wellness benefits by plunging your way to better sleep and health. Regulated at around 10 degrees Celsius for a fresh way to end a workout.

Functional Training for 45 minutes. No one class is the same, you have a personalised fitness instructor at the palm of your fingers. This great workout is suitable for all ages!

Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation and balancing for the body, mind and soul. Yin yoga helps your body connect to your mind and sound bowls offer the final touch by connecting frequency to your soul.




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High End items sourced from top South African entrepreneurs around South Africa, show casing beautiful and local items.
Infrared helps improve sleep, heals the body, removes toxins, improves blood circulation while the Himalayan salt purifies the lungs, charges the batteries, revitalises the mind, and not to mention the calming effect on the entire body.



Infrared Sauna

with Himalayan salt floor

We will integrate wellness

into all aspects of our guests' experience


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